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Priors Farm has a free-of-charge weight bridge to enable you to accurately measure your horse’s weight.

Obesity is becoming a common problem in the general horse population, especially in native breed ponies. These ponies evolved a highly efficient metabolic system to cope with eating poor pasture. Due to the ready access most ponies have to good quality forage all-year-round and the feeding of concentrates their bodies lay down far too much fat leading to clinical obesity. The build-up of intra-abdominal fat by horses is associated with the development of insulin insensitivity, glucose intolerance, and laminitis. Abdominal fat cells (omental adipocytes) are metabolically active, secreting free fatty acids and hormones that might contribute to the persistence and worsening of insulin refractoriness and predispose obesity. EMS is defined as an obese horse with insulin resistance who is suffering (even at a sub-clinical level) from laminitis.