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We have a large central examining area to enable us to examine and treat your horse under cover in clean and safe conditions. The clinic is built to very high standards with special flooring, humidity control, heating and ventilation. The area has been designed to provide large amounts of natural light as well as surgical lighting to assist us in examining your horse. We have an area that can be completely blacked out for ophthalmic examinations.

A covered external examining area allows us to examine your horse outside but still protected from the elements.


Priors Farm can offer both mobile digital radiography at your yard and a dedicated purpose built x-ray suite at the practice,

We have a wireless digital radiography capability to enable us to quickly take very high quality images wherever your horse may be. These images are sent to the cloud to enable them to be viewed easily on-line. This is extremely useful for both your farrier and for anyone else who may want to view the images.

Our gantry radiography system is very powerful and enables us to take radiographs of the largest horses’ backs. Although not required frequently when the system is needed it is without comparison.


Priors Farm’s theatre, preparation room and recovery box are purpose built to the highest standards.  Surgery is either performed by us or by our consultant surgeon, Matt Smith BVetMed Dipl. ECVS DEO MRCVS.  If you would like a guided tour of our facilities please contact the office and we would be delighted to show you around.


Priors Farm has a comprehensive laboratory at the practice. This allows us to provide you with same-day results for routine blood samples. We can also provide worm-egg counts, hair and urine testing and analysis of joint fluid and peritoneal fluid.

Our fully qualified nursing staff manage our in-house laboratory. They are skilled in running haematology and biochemistry blood tests and provide results the same day (or indeed the same hour if needed).

They will also perform faecal worm egg counts, hair sample analysis and urinalysis.

Emergency analysis of joint fluid and peritoneal (abdominal) fluid can be performed immediately to enable rapid diagnosis of joint sepsis or peritonitis.


Our ICU stable suite is fully equipped to enable us to provide your hose with the very best intensive care. Our trained nurses are on-hand to provide your horse with all the expert caring attention that they need.

Our isolation box can also be converted in to an ICU and has separate drainage keeping your horse in total isolation if required.


Priors Farm has an undercover JMB measuring pad so that your horse feels safe and relaxed when being measured.


Priors Farm has installed a safe and secure set of stocks. Stocks are invaluable to help us assess your horse safely and securely when performing a variety of tasks such as reproductive examinations, endoscopy, dental examinations and thorasic/abdominal ultrasonogaphy.


We have enough stabling to enable us not only to admit horses for intensive care but also to stable your horse over night if you need to. We have both an outdoor yard and indoor ICU stables. Our dedicated nursing staff will look after your horse as if it were their own and you know that they are in very caring safe hands.


Priors Farm has a sand school so that we can assess your horses gait when ridden or lunged on a school surface. We can also assess your horse’s wind and heart when they undergo exercise.


Priors Farm has a deep sand round pen. This is invaluable when assessing your horse’s airway as lunging a horse in the sand will get them breathing deeply quickly.


Priors Farm has a secure turn-out pen. This means that your horse can if appropriate be turned-out in a safe and secure area when hospitalised.


Priors Farm has a large secure car park with a loading ramp. Horse boxes can be left over night if required.


Priors Farm has an accurate weigh-bridge. This is essential for the accurate measurement of weight when your horse is hospitalized. It is also offered free of charge for anyone to weight their horse at the practice.