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Stomach ulcers are a common cause of a multitude of clinical signs and are becoming increasingly recognised as a very important element to many diseases. We have a gastroscope that allows us to assess the stomach and duodenum either at the practice or at your yard.

The symptoms of equine gastric ulcers can be vague and may vary from one horse to another. This means that gastric ulcers could be one of the most under-recognised problems in the equine field with around 60% of performance horses and 40% of leisure horses affected.  Horses are at risk of developing ulcers when they are fed intermittently (especially forage), have a diet high in carbohydrates, are under intensive training and are physically stressed such as when suffering an illness.

Diagnosis is relatively straightforward provided you have the correct equipment! We have invested in a state-of-the-art video-gastroscope that is 3.3m in length. A lot of gastroscopes used are only 3m in length but a 3.3m long gastroscope allows us to explore the entire stomach and proximal duodenum in even the biggest horses.

The images are projected on a mobile screen that allows you to see exactly what we see and helps in understanding what is going on in your horse.

Please see our fact sheet (under advice) for more information regarding stomach ulcers