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Priors Farm can provide in-clinic and mobile video-endoscopy of the upper respiratory tract for the diagnosis of airway diseases. We can also provide a state-of-the-art dynamic video-endoscope to provide images of the horse’s larynx when being ridden or lunged.

Airway endoscopy is an essential tool in the diagnosis of airway diseases. The most common diseases of the upper respiratory tract are: RAO (COPD/Heaves), bacterial and viral infections of the airway system, laryngeal anatomical abnormalities (roaring, displacement of the soft palate etc), and guttural pouch disease. Endoscopy can also diagnose many other problems and is used to image the oral cavity as well as the nasal passages of the airway. We can also use the system to look at the sinuses, bladder and even the outer ear!

We have several endoscopes that are all linked to video screens. This allows us to show you exactly what we are seeing so you can get a better understanding of what we are describing. It also allows us to send videos to referring veterinary surgeons.

Dynamic video-endoscopy

Dynamic endoscopy is one of the newest imaging modalities available and has transformed the diagnosis and treatment of laryngeal anatomical abnormalities. It allows us to visualise the larynx whilst the horse is undergoing work. The enables us to provide a very accurate diagnosis and therefore a better treatment plan. The success of airway surgery is now much higher than it once was due to this development.