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Priors Farm Probiotic


Helps promote and maintain a healthy digestive system

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Priors Farm Probiotic is a feed supplement containing high levels of natural probiotics and prebiotics.This product is designed to maintain the balance of beneficial microflora in the gut which will assist digestive efficiency.

The addition of probiotics to a horse’s daily diet will maintain digestive efficiency while colonising the gut wall with beneficial bacteria, thus inhibiting harmful pathogens by competitive exclusion.

The prebiotics utilised in Priors Farm Probiotic fructo-oligosaccharides, provide a food source that only beneficial species of bacteria can utilise.

  • Helps promote and maintain a healthy digestive system
  • A daily source of beneficial bacteria
  • Provides a food source for naturally occurring probiotics already present in the gut
  • Aids in competitive exclusion of pathogenic bacteria

Assists in establishing beneficial digestion following antibiotic treatment.

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Dose Rates:

Horses: Feed 10g per day. In times of stress feed 20g per day

1 level scoop = 10g

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750g, 2kg