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Priors Farm Gastric Paste Syringe 60g




Gastric Paste should be used in conjunction with Gastric Paste pellets and this convenient paste
formulation also contains Slippery Elm which is an exceptionally good demulcent and an emollient to
the digestive system. Gastric Paste also contains high levels of prebiotics and ever important amino
acids for the repair of epithelial cells. This product will greatly assist any horses suffering from gastric
problems seen from weight loss, cribbing habits, poor performance or lack of appetite.

Dose Rates:
Fed after the completion of the recommended treatment. One 80g applicator prior to morning feed, and one 80g applicator prior to the evening feed. When normal appetite  resumes the product can be fed on a maintenance basis at the rate of 40g prior to the morning feed and 40g prior to the evening feed.