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Anigene Disinfectant


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ANIGENE HLD4V is Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Virucidal Mycobactericidal and Sporicidal and has been tested and proven under modern EN test protocols in dirty conditions.

ANIGENE HLD4V High Level Disinfectant Cleaner for Animal Health Applications TRUSTED INFECTION CONTROL ANIGENE HLD4V has been specially formulated to provide the Animal Health practitioner with an environmentally friendly, economic and yet effective alternative to other products on the market.

ANIGENE HLD4V is compliant with the upcoming REACH regulations and meets the criteria of the Biocidal Product Directive.

ANIGENE HLD4V is manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001 standards.

ANIGENE HLD4V is alkaline based and provides superior cleaning properties when compared to other Animal Health disinfectants.

ANIGENE HLD4V does not contain PHMB, Aldehydes, Phenols or Chlorine.

ANIGENE HLD4V is recommended for use at 1:100 for general cleaning and 1:50 for high risk disinfection of organisms in dirty conditions.

ANIGENE HLD4V Dill fragrance is now DEFRA approved under General Orders at 1:20.

ANIGENE HLD4V formulation produces a unique micelle action which enables greater surface cleaning activity, reducing surface tension thereby allowing more efficient removal of surface contaminants.



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